Rotech Systems P/L, Perth, Western Australia
Heavy Duty  Monitoring Equipment
for The Bulk Handling and Processing Industries

Founded in 1983 Rotech Systems Manufacture and supply worldwide, high quality, high reliability equipment for monitoring and measuring the speed, position and direction of rotating shafts

Rotech Systems are the worlds leading manufacturer of high quality monitoring solution products with an unparalleled reputation for reliability, durability and quality.

Major features are tough, strong, heavy duty construction, designed to operate and give years of maintenance free operation in even the harshest industrial environments, quarries, mines, etc. and simple, quick, installation.

Main applications are in the bulk handling and processing industries. Protecting conveyors, elevators, screws, crushers, mixers, etc. anywhere were slowing down or stoppage will cause product spillage, blockage, etc. and incur downtime, lost production, cleaning up, spoilt product, etc.

Equipment can give visual and/or audible alarms plus shutdown items of plant for a speed reduction of only 5% (adjustable 5% to 90%)

Protects against conveyor belt slip, v belt slip, chain breakage, mechanical failure, stoppage, blocking, jamming, etc.

Industries using Rotech: Food, Textiles, Glass, Grain, Power generators, Fertiliser, Sand, Gravel, Roadstone, Coal, steel, Ore.


Wherever materials are transported or processed by Conveyors, Elevators, Screws, Crushers, Mixers, Etc, there are applications for “Rotech” Motion Sensors/Encoders.

Food, Grain, Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Sand, Stone, Cement, Ore, Coal, Ash, in Factories, Quarries, Mines, Power Utilities, and Dock Installations are all excellent examples.

A single conveyor may run for long periods without any problems, but not forever, the day arrives when it starts to slip or slow down and unless action is taken quickly to switch off the conveyor, crusher or plant that feeds it then a major spillage can occur.

In a large plant with many conveyors and drives the potential for problems is multiplied by every additional drive element.

The costs of clearing up a spillage are not simply the costs of a man with a shovel, this is the tip of the iceberg, they can include:

  • Damaged belts (Conveyor & Drive, “V”, Flat, Etc.).
  • Damaged Plant & Machinery.
  • Mechanical Diggers, Front Loaders, Etc. to clear up Grain, Sand, Stone, Ore, Coal, Etc.
  • Contamination to Food, Pharmaceutical, Chemical, products, resulting in rejection and waste.
  • Whilst these costs can be considerable, they can be minor compared to the real cost.
  • The REAL COST is the loss in Production, Throughput and Revenue whilst cleaning up.
  • Hundreds, even Thousands of Pounds can be lost for every hour a plant us not producing product
“Rotech' Motion Sensors/ Encoders provide simple, low cost, high reliability protection against these problems.

General Description

The “Rotech” range of Shaft Monitoring Equipment is comprised of a range of Motion Sensors/Encoders and associated Speed Relays.

The Heavy Duty Shaft Sensor is installed on the end of the shaft being monitored and sends an electrical signal proportional to the speed of the shaft to a suitable control unit.

The control unit can be a “Rotech” Speed Relay, a Programmable Controller, a Computer, Data Logger device or other proprietary control equipment.

The alarm level of the control unit is set to just below the normal running speed of the shaft.

In the event of the shaft slowing below the set level, the control unit operates and can be connected to give an alarm to the operator and/or shutdown preceding items of plant.

Advantages of ‘Rotech’

‘Rotech’ heavy duty motion sensors and encoders combine many unique design features to give
the customer:-

•    Simple installation
•    High performance
•    High reliability
•    Price benefits


One hole drilled and tapped into the end of the shaft to be monitored, gives simple,
uncomplicated, fast installation.

One type of unit covers all types of drives, conveyors, elevators, crushers, etc. allowing
standardisation of designs, installation and spares.

No target discs to design, manufacture and install.
No sensor brackets to design, manufacture and install.
No guards to design, manufacture and install.
No on – plant adjustment or setting up required.

The ‘Rotech’ unit is carried on the shaft and moves with it, it is unaffected by shaft end
float, belt adjustment, etc.


‘Rotech’ Motion Sensors/Encoders are digital pulse generators guaranteed accurate to
within 0.5%, they cannot drift and require no checks or periodic calibration.

With pulse output rates from 1 Pulse per Rev to 1000 Pulses per Rev, drive speeds from
5000 RPM down to 0.03 RPM (2 Revs/Hour) can be accurately and reliability measured
and monitored.


“Rotech” units are designed to operate and survive in even the toughest industrial environments, they have been particularly developed for the Quarrying and Mining industries, however their compact size makes them just as suitable for light industries such as :-

Food Production, Animal Feeds, Farming, Pharmaceutical, Baggage Handling, Escalators & Moving Walkways, etc.

Heavy Duty castings, Heavy Duty sealed bearings and robust fully encapsulated industrialised electronics form the tough strong core of these units.

Extensive use is made of modern engineering adhesives and sealants to double up on the traditional precision assembly methods and ensure even greater reliability.

‘O’ ring seals on end covers, grease chambers, spring loaded shaft seals and liquid tight flexible conduit and glands complete these units to give outstanding levels of protection and ensure the highest levels of reliability and operational life.


Installed price is competitive or possibly lower than alternative methods, ultimate! in operational life and reliability is an added bonus.